Phillip Payne


About Phillip

Founder/co-owner and Vice President of Pro Payne Graphics, Inc. since 1991, Phillip received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (Painting & Printmaking) from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983.

Upon graduation Phillip dragged his portfolio to Washington, DC where he secured a position at Forte Inc. At Forte, Phillip produced a variety of visual media such as technical illustrations, editorial illustrations, cartoons, ads, charts, graphs, slide/vu-graph presentations and exhibits and refined such pre-computer technical skills as type specification and inking ability. Supervising his own crew Phillip also communicated regularly with account executives, suppliers and clients and was in charge of every aspect of a project from organization, through production, to quality control of the final product.

From Forte, Phillip went to The George Washington University Medical Center where he worked directly with doctors, hospital and university staff to produce graphics in support of the school and medical center. At GW, Phillip evaluated doctor’s scientific and instructional needs and produced brochures, flyers, books, posters and illustrations for text books, ads, exhibits, poster sessions, slide shows and vehicle graphics.

Utilizing the skills gained from such wide professional experiences, Phillip founded Pro Payne Graphics, Inc. in 1991.